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rabekajodrew On Softonic since November 2015

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"crashy, but makes game run like I have an op gaming computer when it works"

when it doesn't crash it runs a whole lot smoother and I don't have to have an OP computer to run minecraft (seems lately I needed to have a better computer and I always think i am getting the best computer for the job then find nope not so much...saving my money for top of the line gaming computer...but that won't happen for a very very long time! ugh! so this will hopefully stop crashing so much and erasing my multiplayer server lists randomly...don't know if its because of this or just minecraft in general but I remember it doing it before I got optifine...but since the 1.8.8 update its been crashing a lot more...hope it gets resolved soon

  • the not so glitchy and laggy game play
  • makes game play feel like I have an op gaming computer
  • the multiplayer lists that randomly deletes not sure if its the optifine or minecraft in general but its annoying as me and my family play on many servers and they randomly get erased and its very frustrating
  • an awesome optimal setting that automatically adjusts for best screen capture results with no freezing...

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02 Nov 2015

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